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Can You Keep A Grass Snake As A Pet?

Although the grass snake can be kept as a pet, these snakes are often caught in the wild. Meaning they are not always as easy to train as the owner may imagine. But, this snake can be trained to be socialized with people if caught in the wild. However, it is usually a better idea to find a snake that has been reared by hand to make the transition to a new home as easy as possible. This species is harmless to any animal larger than a frog. They do not have the venom to cause any danger to its owner.

Grass snakes can make excellent pets because they do not need a large amount of equipment and can be cared for in any home. Grass snakes can be trained to eat the food chosen by the owner and will be quite happy in a glass terrarium.

This answers your question. But, we have a wealth of knowledge to give you about this pet snake. Read on to learn more about how to care for your pet correctly and help them live a long and happy life.

Choosing Grass Snakes

Grass Snake
Grass Snake

The humble grass snake is a species that is plentiful across much of Europe. In the U.K. they have been growing in numbers. This snake is protected in the U.K. because it has generally been limited to a small area of the southern part of the country.

As a pet, this cold-blooded reptile is a tough choice to make unless the owner is aware of their background. Because of the plentiful numbers of this snake in the wild, they are often captured from their natural habitat and sold as pets. This can be a difficult snake to own because they are not used to the touch and smells of humans. This makes them feel stressed and potentially aggressive towards their new owner.

With a little care and time spent training a wild snake, they can become a real pet to humans. Particularly those who handle and feed them often. A better option is to buy a snake from a known breeder. Who will have already reared and handled the chosen pet to ensure it arrives in its new home happy.

Housing a Cold-Blooded Pet

Once you have made the decision to get a grass snake, you need to invest in specific items. This species of snake, like most reptiles, needs space. They also need heat in the form of a lamp to be used within the terrarium. One of the most common mistakes for snake owners is to leave the lamp on continually without turning it off. This disrupts the natural cycle of day and night for your snake. 

In general, it is recommended that a reptile such as a grass snake should have the luxury of a heat lamp for between 10 and 12 hours. This heat lamp can be used as part of the construction of a terrarium when one is being constructed by the reptile owner. 

Most experts agree a wooden terrarium is the best option for grass snakes. When they are housed in a home, but these can be difficult to buy or must be constructed by the owner. For most snakes, the issue of which terrarium to choose is a tough one with the majority choosing glass as the most popular option.

The main benefits of a glass terrarium include:

  • Cheap and available
  • Easy to clean
  • Can avoid bacteria building up in the terrarium

How much Space do Grass Snakes need?


There are many decisions to make when looking to start your career as a cold-blooded pet owner. One of them includes the need to make sure the snake is comfortable in their new home. This species can grow long, with a length of between four and six feet the average. The four to six feet length means the snake needs a large area of around 40 gallons to stay housed safely and securely for both pet and owner. The terrarium used for a grass snake should be at least one foot by two feet in size.

Creating the Correct Habitat

The creation of a natural habitat for a snake to enjoy will make them feel happier and more in control of their own life. A happy snake will be able to enjoy their habitat with their surroundings playing a major role in the way they feel each day of their lives. This species of snake does not generally flourish in areas of the world where humidity is high. Meaning the substrate chosen for their terrarium should be dry. In most cases, this rules out the use of soil, because it can trap moisture and produce humidity beneath the heat lamp.

Other factors to consider when creating the terrarium environment include the use of at least two hiding spots for the snake to spend time in and feel comfortable. Like most snakes, this species does not spend the majority of its time in the open air but likes to hide away under rocks, logs, and other small places. By including these in a terrarium design a snake will be able to feel more relaxed with their life in their new home.

What to Feed Grass Snakes?

Grass Snake 1

It is recommended that grass snakes are fed frozen rodents. The need for meat is high and entire animals are the food of choice for most snakes.

As grass snakes grow, they tend to develop their tastes with many choosing not to feed on frozen prey. Many owners look to move the frozen mice around the terrarium to fool the snake into thinking it is alive. If this fails a live rodent can be used but only under human supervision.

Darkness at Night

The temperature range enjoyed by grass snakes is between 60F and 80F during the daytime. At night, this species enjoys total darkness. Meaning the lamp should be turned off each evening to mimic the natural progression of the day into night. 

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