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Can I Keep a Green Anole as a Pet Lizard?

Lizards have become popular pets over the years. But with many species available, you should know which ones you can bring home and which ones to leave in the wild. If you’re obsessed with a cute Green Anole lizard, we’re here to tell you whether it can be a house pet or not.     

In short, yes, you can have a Green Anole as a pet lizard, especially if you’ve never had a reptile before. For the most part, these neon green fellas are easy to keep, not expensive, and not aggressive. You can even handle them if you do it with care, and they’re also very entertaining to watch. 

Still, like all pets, Green Anole lizards have special requirements. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep a Green Anole lizard as a pet.

Can I Keep a Green Anole as a Pet Lizard?

Green Anole As A Pet Lizard
Green Anole As A Pet Lizard

As we said before, yes, you CAN have a Green Anole as a pet lizard, like tons of other people. To give you an idea, they are among the most popular pet reptiles out there.   

But why are Green Anoles common pets nowadays? For starters, they’re not aggressive at all. You and your family could handle it if you do it with love and care. There are even Green Anoles who eat from their owners’ hands! 

Likewise, besides the initial investment, you won’t have to spend that much money to have a Green Anole as a pet.  

Yet, it’s crucial to know what you must do to keep your lizard happy for as long as you can. Keep on reading to find out how you can make a Green Anole lizard feel at home.

What Do I Need to Have a Green Anole Lizard?

The first thing you’ll Green Anole need is a place to stay. A 10-gallon tank or terrarium provides enough space for one of these fellas to live its very active life. 

Yet, you will need to make sure the tank is lizard-proof, without any small holes that they could use to escape. 

Ask your pet store for a proper habitat to house your lizard.

This tank must also meet the following requirements: 

  • Humidity: Green Anoles thrive in very humid habitats, so you’ll have to mist the inside of the tank every day. Adding plants is another way to maintain the humidity level over 60%, which these lizards need. You must buy a  hygrometer to measure humidity as often as possible.
  • Heat: Like most lizards, Green Anoles like it hot. The tank’s temperature must be around 85 and 90ºF (29 to 32ºC) during the day and between 65 to 75ºF (18 to 24ºC) at night. Create a thermal gradient with under tank heaters and light to keep the heat consistent in the tank.
  • Lightning: As we mentioned, combining light and heaters can keep your lizard healthy. A basking spot lamp on one side with an under tank heater can do wonders for the daytime, for example. Still, we would suggest getting nocturnal lights for when the sun goes down, as well.
  • Decor: Besides their contribution to humidity, plants look great in a Lizard’s tank. Mixed with branches, they provide places for them to hide and stay active. Add a substrate that is not too dry, and you’ll have a good-looking, functional habitat for the Green Anole
What You Need To Keep A Green Anole As A Pet Lizard
What You Need To Keep A Green Anole As A Pet Lizard

What’s the Diet of a Green Anole Lizard?

A Green Anole’s lizard diet consists of a wide variety of insects. In the wild, they eat crickets, small spiders, moths, and other bugs. For comparison, their eating habits are not that different from a tarantula.

To keep a Green Anole as a pet lizard, you need to provide it with live insects that are no bigger than half its head. Gut-loaded worms or crickets will do the trick. 

Feed your Green Anole 2 or 3 insects per day when it’s young and 2 or 3 every other day when it gets older.

Add calcium and vitamin powders or spray to their food twice a week to keep them healthy. Some Green Anoles will also enjoy fruit pieces now and then.

For hydration, add a shallow water bowl to prevent Green Anoles from drowning. Yet, you’ll learn fast that they prefer to drink water from the drops that fall off a plant’s leaves. Spraying the tank’s plants two times a day should be enough. 

Common Questions About Green Anole Lizards

1. Is It Possible to Pet a Green Anole Lizard?

Yes, you can pet a Green Anole Lizard, but we would suggest you don’t do it. They tend to be shy and get nervous if you handle them, particularly when they’re young.

Nonetheless, if you are careful, your lizard could get used to it, and you may be able to pet them more often.

2. What’s the Right Way to Handle a Green Anole Lizard?

It’s simple: Whatever you do, don’t grab a Green Anole by the tail. If you do it, the lizard will detach from it as a defense mechanism, and its tail will never be the same. It will grow, but it won’t be as strong.

The best way to pet a Green Anole lizard is to put your hand under its belly and pick it. Be gentle!

Green Anole Lizard As A Pet
Green Anole Lizard As A Pet

3. Can I Have Two Green Anole Lizards in the Same Tank?

You can have as many Green Anole as you want, as long as the tank is big enough for them all.

You do need to keep in mind their genres before buying them, though. Male Green Anoles are territorial and will kill each other, so it is best to have one male and several females. Or one male and one female.

Ask the pet store about the tank’s dimensions and whether it can fit all the lizards you want.

4. How Long Does a Green Anole Lizard Live?

A Green Anole Lizard lives for an average of 4 years. But, if you take good care of it, it could stay with you for longer, up to 8 years.

5. How Big Can Green Anole Lizards Be?

A male can reach 4 to 8 inches, including its tail, which is the most prominent part of its body. Female Green Anole lizards are smaller, regardless of their age.

6. Do Green Anole Lizards Get Along with Other Pets?

We would have to say no to this one. Your cat or dog could try to kill a lizard or harm it. Meanwhile, if you have small spiders, the Green Anole could eat them. 

Tarantulas are also not a good friend to Green Anoles as they would confront the reptile. It would end up in a (cold) blood bath!

If you have other pets, be careful not to take your Green Anole out of its tank while they’re around. Keep your lizard in its clean tank as much as you can.

7. Do Green Anole Lizards Attack Humans?

Green Anole lizards are afraid of people. Thus, if you run into one, it’s likely that it will hide. 

The few times one of these lizards has “bitten” someone, it was a feeding accident. Humans are NOT a part of a Green Anole lizard’s diet. Also, they have tiny teeth that won’t break into your skin so that you won’t feel a thing. 

Even if you scare them while you’re petting them, Green Anole Lizards prefer to run. They may get rid of their tail to do it faster, though.

8. Can Green Anole Lizards Change Colors like Chameleons?

Yes, the color of Green Anole lizards changes from green to brown under stress. Temperature and lighting changes also influence a Green Anole’s color. 

The difference between them and chameleons is that they don’t use it to adapt to their surroundings. Green Anoles have no control over their color.

Still, we suggest you keep an eye on how often or for how long they turn brown. A healthy Green Anole tends to be, well, green. If brown periods persist, call your vet.

Other signs of health issues for a Green Anole include lack of appetite and stillness, especially during the day. These diurnal little fellas are always on the move when they’re happy.

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