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Spiders are eight-legged creatures that are nightmare-inducing to many people because of their stellar roles in horror movies throughout the years.

Yet, although they're carnivores, most spiders are harmless to humans since they're so small that their teeth can't break through someone's skin.

That said, some arachnids, like Black Widows, can indeed cause a lot of damage because of their potent venom.

What Should I Feed a Pet Spider With?

If you're thinking about getting a spider, you may be wondering what you'll need to keep it happy. Well, besides an appropriate enclosure, you'll need to, of course, feed your new pet. But what does a spider eat, exactly? We're here to let you know!  All spiders are carnivores, meaning they eat other insects and, […]

What Does A Spider Bite Look Like?

Unless your name is Peter Parker, chances are a spider bite is something you’d like to avoid. When a spider sinks its pesky little teeth into human skin, the reaction can be a mild annoyance. But, depending on the offender’s species, it could be a life-threatening situation. For the most part, a spider bite looks […]

How Can I Treat A Spider Bite?

There are spiders in, pretty much, the entire world. So, even if you wouldn't have one as a pet, you're likely to run into these arachnids now and then. But, if the encounter is not so sweet and you end up with a bite, here's how you should treat the wound. The treatment for a […]

Is Daddy Longlegs A Spider?

Several animals like cellar spiders and harvestmen fall into the "Daddy Longlegs" category. Depending on where you live, the term may mean something different, which can be confusing. But are these species spiders? The answer to this question is “it depends”. The only daddy-longlegs that is, indeed, a spider is the cellar spider. Harvestmen are […]

What Can I Feed to a Pet Tarantula?

Tarantulas are among the most common cold-blooded pets in the world. These spiders' popularity has to do with their (unexpected) docile and low-maintenance nature. Yet, first-time owners may wonder what to feed tarantulas, and we're here to clear things out! Tarantulas are carnivorous, which means they eat small insects like crickets and worms. In captivity, […]

What Is the Most Poisonous Spider in the World?

When you think of venomous spiders, the firsts to come to mind may be the Black Widow or the Redback Spider. After all, there are a lot of stories and even songs about those beautiful but deadly arachnids. But are these species the most venomous spiders to humans worldwide? We're here to tell you! The […]

What Is the Biggest Spider in the World?

With over 40,000 species, there are spiders of all colors, types, and, of course, sizes.  Yet, when it comes to giant spiders, you may only know of tarantulas. But are classic tarantulas the largest arachnids that exist? Keep on reading to find out!  The biggest spider alive is the Goliath Birdeater, with a total length […]

What Are Some Interesting Spider Facts?

There are over 30000 spider species worldwide. So, of course, there are also many interesting facts about these arachnids. If you're thinking of getting a spider or curious, keep reading to discover some fun facts about them! For starters, you need to know that, although all spiders produce silk, not all of them spin webs. […]

What Are Spider Webs Made Of?

Spiders are some of the most interesting creatures in the world. These arachnids have tons of things that make them unique, including the ability to spin webs. But what are spider webs made of, and can all spiders create it? Keep on reading to find out! Spiders use silk to spin their webs and the […]

What Does a Wolf Spider Look Like?

Wolf Spiders are among the most feared and famous arachnids in the world. Yet, since they have similar features to other species, some may not know how to identify a Wolf Spider. Luckily for you, here to help you how to tell this type of arachnids apart! Wolf Spiders are smaller than tarantulas and have […]
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