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What Is The Difference Between A Turtle And A Tortoise?

Tortoises are a subgroup of turtles, though both carry a shell on the back. Yet, turtles are smaller and more attractive than tortoises. Tortoises have stocky feet while turtles have webbed feet and flippers.   The word turtle is a general term for all reptiles that carry a shell on their back. It includes tortoises, turtles, […]

Can Tortoises Swim?

Tortoises are some of the most interesting and majestic creatures that live on our planet. Members of the Testudinidae family, tortoises are often confused with their similar-looking relative turtles. Although the two are genetically and physiologically different.  Between the two, turtles are often considered the swimmers, although this does raise an important question: can tortoises […]
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